1st – 8th Grade

Stein Yeshiva’s approach to elementary and junior high school education is unique.  With small classes in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions, the students receive a high degree of personal attention and individualized instruction.  This, together with Stein Yeshiva’s progressive approach to pedagogy, enables students to excel academically and develop a love and an enthusiasm for learning.

Limudei Kodesh

In limudei kodesh, Stein Yeshiva synthesizes traditional techniques, tested and proven in generations of prestigious yeshivas, with progressive educational methodology.  The curriculum emphasizes ahavas Yisrael, derech eretz, middos tovos, and mitzvos observance.  The students delve into traditional sources, mastering textual skills in Chumash, Rashi, Navi, Mishna, and Gemorah.  The ultimate goal is for the students to acquire the necessary skills to eventually learn on their own.  Learning Hebrew language, parshas hashavua, doing chesed projects, and the yomim tovim throughout the year further enhance their base of Jewish knowledge.

One of the many unique characteristics of Stein Yeshiva is the caring interaction between the teachers and the students that creates a special atmosphere in the classrooms.  Torah learning and the values it espouses, is not confined to limudei kodesh, but is infused into all aspects of yeshiva learning and life.  Stein Yeshiva’s goal is to develop a Torah-true personality who can engage in the modern world.

General Studies

The general studies department follows the New York State core curriculum and the yeshiva administers all the New York State tests. Our students consistently meet and exceed state standards in all subject areas.  Stein Yeshiva utilizes S.O. I.  methodology to enhance and individualize our curriculum.  S.O.I. is a proven model of intelligence developed by Dr. J. P. Guilford.  S.O.I. identifies intelligence as multi-faceted and explains differences in children’s abilities and styles of learning.  It is well documented that intelligence can be developed and S.O.I. furnishes the experiences and exercises to do just that.  Chanoch l’naar al pi darko, educating a child according to his way, is the focus of the student-centered learning environment at Stein Yeshiva.

Our curriculum is academically challenging to assist every child in reaching his/her potential.  The learning experience is further enhanced through specialty programs during the day, after-school activities, and chesed projects.  All combine to create an exciting learning environment where children develop a curiosity and love for learning.

By eighth grade, our students are well prepared to go to the yeshiva high school of their choice.  Past graduates have attended Chofetz Chaim in Queens and Rochester, Central, Firsch, MTA, Breuers, Westchester Hebrew High, SAR High School, Yeshiva Rabbi Riff, and New Haven.