Early Childhood

Ages:  21 months-Pre-1A

Stein Yeshiva’s innovative early childhood program is based on the key principle that children learn best through active, hands-on exploration.  With caring, well-trained, and experienced teachers as guides, Stein Yeshiva’s program encourages discovery and curiosity within a nurturing Torah environment.

The early childhood program fosters individual growth at every age, helping the children reach their developmental milestones. Stein Yeshiva’s curriculum is immersed in the acquisition of both English and Hebrew language while exploring the chagim, mitzvos, derech eretz, ahavas Yisrael, parshas hashavua, and Shabbos. From transitioning from parallel play in the Twos, to being able to share, take turns, and develop appropriate social interactions in the Threes, Stein Yeshiva creates the foundation for learning.

Children come to Stein Yeshiva with the wonder, desire, and an enthusiasm to learn.  Stein Yeshiva’s role in the Early Childhood Department is to ensure that the children entrusted to their care, reach their full potential and become menchen in every sense of the word.

All of the educators meet regularly with the early childhood director,  social workers, and the professional education team to discuss each child’s progress throughout the year. Parents and educators communicate regularly through class emails, private phone calls, parent teacher conferences, and weekly newsletters.

Early Childhood Hours

Three-quarter day:  (Twos, Threes & Fours)    Mon.–Thurs. 8:20AM–2:30PM, Fri. to 12:30PM
Full Day:  (Twos, Threes & Fours)     Mon.–Thurs. 8:20AM–4PM, Fri. to 12:30PM (early arrival & extended day available)
Pre-1A:  Mon.–Thurs. 8:20AM–4PM, Fri. to 12:30PM (early arrival & extended day available)

December 31st cut-off.  Your child must be their grade age by December 31st.