• Rabbi Joseph Cherns profile

    Rabbi Joseph Cherns

    Menahel (Principal)


    Rabbi Joseph Cherns has been the menahel at Stein Yeshiva since 1988.  Prior to that, Rabbi Cherns was the Director of Special Education at Hillel Academy in Los Angeles.  He has taught at prestigious schools such as Toras Emes in Los Angeles, Moriah, Yeshiva of North Jersey, and Westchester Day School.

    Rabbi Cherns graduated from Ner Israel Rabbinical College.  He learned  with Rav Simcha Wasserman ז״ל on the West Coast, and then in kollel at Bais Medrash Elyon, Monsey, NY, where he received semichah from Rabbi Gedalia Schorr ז״ל, Rosh Yeshiva of Bais Medrash Elyon and Yeshiva Torah Vadaath.

    In addition, Rabbi Cherns holds a masters degree as a reading specialist from Loyala University.  He completed two years post graduate work with Dr. Mary Meeker on J. P. Guilford’s Structure of Intellect, S.O.I, a proven model of intelligence, and how it relates to education.  He received advanced certification in this field of multiple intelligence.  He has given workshops around the country and trained other professionals.

    After forty-two years in chinuch, Rabbi Cherns has synthesized his many years as a rebbe and educational researcher to be an effective administrator, training and supervising teachers.  He has the unique ability to maximize each student’s potential.  He has written articles for the New York City Principals’ Journal.

  • Mrs. Sharon Pollock profile

    Mrs. Sharon Pollock

    School Administrator


    Sharon Pollock has been the School Administrator at Stein Yeshiva since 1992.  Mrs. Pollock received her BA degree from SUC New Paltz and her MA from the College of New Rochelle. Mrs. Pollock is permanently certified to teach nursery through sixth grade in New York State and is a certified Art Therapist. After graduation she worked in New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center in White Plains where she was the Assistant Director of the Therapeutic Activities Department at the psychiatric hospital. She began her career in Jewish education teaching Talmud Torah for twenty-five years in Westchester and worked as a pre-school teacher when her children were growing up.

    Mrs. Pollock’s years of experience in education and administration give her both the ability to head the administrative offices of Stein Yeshiva and to interact well with teachers, students, specialists, and parents to enhance a family’s experience at Stein Yeshiva. Whether it is writing a grant, administrating government programs, running the annual yeshiva dinner, or taking potential families on tours, Mrs. Pollock is involved.

  • Dr. Sandra Spingarn

    Director of Admissions


    Sandra Spingarn, the Director of Admissions, has been with Stein Yeshiva since 1998. Born and raised In England, Dr. Spingarn received her BA from Sheffield University. Relocating to the United States, she attended SUNY Binghamton where she received her MA and Ph.D.

    Dr. Spingarn is a published historian, and has presented papers at the State Department in Washington, as well as other places. She is an award winning teacher who has taught on many levels from elementary school through university. In addition to teaching, Dr. Spingarn is responsible for admissions, budgeting, and much more.

    Her enthusiasm and dedication to Stein Yeshiva is evident through the many hats she wears at Stein Yeshiva.  Whether it’s welcoming and helping a family get through the admissions process, yeshiva finances, or planning a creative academic unit for her students, Dr. Spingarn is there to help.

  • Rabbi Noson Labovitz profile

    Rabbi Noson Labovitz

    Associate Principal


    Rabbi Noson Labovitz joined Stein Yeshiva in September 2016.  He received his semichah and Bachelor of Talmudic Law from Beth Medrash Govoha, Lakewood, NJ. He received his Masters of Talmudic Law at Toras Simcha Institute, Jerusalem, Israel.  Rabbi Labovitz is continually honing his educational skills through many training programs including the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools Principal Training, Merkaz Educational Leadership Training, and Aish Dos Machon l’Melamdim.

    Rabbi Labovitz, through his many years as a rebbe and curriculum coordinator in different yeshivas has a great hashpa’ah on his students.  He guides all of his talmidim in their personal and academic growth by developing a strong connection to Hashem.   Rabbi Labowitz has a dynamic personality and is the type of rebbe that can make a lifetime of difference in his students.  His goals for his students are to develop a love of learning Torah, performing mitzvos, and a simchas hachaim.

  • Mrs. Alana Weinberg profile

    Mrs. Alana Weinberg

    Early Childhood Director


    Alana Weinberg is the Early Childhood Director at Stein Yeshiva.  Alana graduated from Stern College with a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She is an experienced early childhood morah, teaching in many Jewish early childhood programs for the past 10 years.  She began her teaching career in Boston at the New England Hebrew Academy where she taught the youngest group.  Morah Alana has taught many pre-school students throughout her career and has been responsible for creating and instituting many innovative curriculums.  She attended the prestigious Leadership Institute completing an advanced degree in Administration of Jewish Education.

    Jewish Education Project has engaged Morah Alana as a job coach for local and national early childhood directors to help new directors gain the practical and administrative skills they need.  She is a featured speaker throughout the country and leads educational webinars.  Morah Alana is a co-founder of Mesorah, a community of practice that brings Orthodox early childhood directors together to share ideas and experiences.

    Alana is passionate about educating young children about Judaism and the world around them.  She sees her role as partnering with the parents as a nurturing guide in this exciting early childhood journey.